Thursday, 23 June 2011

Walkabout in Covent Garden and Camden Town

St Pancras Station
I recently took up photography after a break from it for a few years and decided I would take a trip into London on a Sunday morning to see if I could get some pictures of market traders setting up. A 6.30am start at Leagrave train station would get me into the Covent Garden area of London for about 7.30 but I hadn't banked on the rail replacement services after an overnight power failure on the line. So rather than a quick train ride into London I had a leisurely coach ride taking in the sites of north London before the coach dropped us off at St Pancras International Station. I needed a coffee by now so before hitting the tube to Covent Garden I stopped at one of my favourite coffee shops just outside the British Library and then headed for the tube.

"Apple Market"
Life was buzzing at Covent Garden when I got there - a leisurely Sunday morning had turned into an almost frantic need to get the camera ready and start taking pictures. Baristas were setting up for the morning breakfast trade, market traders were moving carts around and setting up their stalls with their product - all oblivious to an excited, back at it, photographer. This pair were having a chat while putting their trinkets out in Covent Gardens "Apple Market".

After taking a few pictures at Covent Garden I decided to go to Camden Town via Embankment Park where I had another coffee at the cafe just outside the park. It was more leisurely there with people having breakfast, one particularly guy was having a full english and checking meeting minutes - not my idea of a Sunday morning treat but what floats my boat probably doesn't float his. I didn't have the guts to ask him for a picture - he looked far too busy so I left him to his minutes and his sausages and beans.

Attitude (x2)
Camden Town allows for perfect photographic opportunities ! There are all your usual tourists - an awful lot of people carrying cameras and I decided to get a photograph of a young guy holding an advertising board for a tattoo parlour - this guy must have been very used to people asking for his picture because as soon as I got close to him, camera at the ready, he looked at me and just said "pound a photo" - once he posed I realised he indeed was very used to people asking him for a picture. I love the attitude in this picture - not just Mr Advertising Board but also the free attitude on the left of the picture.

The last picture is one I've had quite a lot of positive feedback from since I posted it on my other blog a few weeks ago and it will be appearing on the cover of a volume of Take-It-To-The-Streets-Poetry which will have one of my poems in and I will be handing out to someone I meet on the 1st July as part of the TITTSP Project - you can see a video of the first (this is the second) TITTSP project on youtube here.

Embankment Tube Station

Please feel free to leave a comment about anything here or post some of your own pictures on your blog and let me know - I'd love to see them.

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