Friday, 27 May 2011

Me ~ Guest Blogger

Scott @meandmybigmouth requested for guest bloggers to fill a gap on his blog Me And My Big Mouth while he is busy completing his latest book. So after a bit of thought and the realisation I had an hour to spare I penned a piece about a mayday call the ship I was serving on whilst in the Royal Navy responded to - the story can be seen on Scott's blog today - click here to go to the story.

My thanks to Scott for allowing me to appear as guest blogger on his blog !

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Decisions, decisions - mind made up

I've decided to make this blog more of a photographic gallery blog - my other blog "bringing words to life" will concentrate more on poetry - the two may intermingle along the metamorphosis trail but generally speaking that's what I'm going to do ~ I love the colours in this shot !

Fungi at Stockgrove Park - often a good way for a
mind to grow -keep moist and in the dark

Friday, 20 May 2011

Recent Images: SJ Murphy

Lymington Ferry Terminal - IOW Ferry

Sewage Pipe - Ryde Beach IOW

Inside the - Time Tunnel - Ryde Beach IOW


Underneath Ryde Pier - IOW


Great Yarmouth Beach


Euston Road Great Yarmouth


"Residence" Great Yarmouth


For Your Convenience - Great Yarmouth


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Self Portrait and Haiku

Seen through my own eyes
One eye looking to the world
The other eye blind

Tea ...

... is a must first thing in the morning. Tea is my wake up blast of caffeine followed by coffee - normally latte via BP's Wild Bean Cafe while I'm out and about on the road.

Can't beat a lovely cup of tea ~ followed by a lovely latte later on


I know - I sound like an old tea wife - I'll try and update with a poem later.


And here it is - just a little fun piece;

Take the little things away and you cease being you. You can
Take the boy out of England but England remains.
Take the tea from my lips and my heart misses a beat.

Everyday routine fallen into not shaped.
Everyday without fail – without thinking.

Arisen from sleep the best of the day.


I'm off for a cuppa :)